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  1. Salvo


    Work on the following & don't forget to update pics. Returns: 50+ in all untradeables 100+ burning amulets 75+ glories 300+ Brews 200+ Restores 150+ str pots 150+ ranging pots 100+ Stamina's 50+ duelling rings 50+ monk tops Get Anglerfish 1500+ pizza's 150+ recoils Get 20+ rev/lumberyard teleports. 50+ ghostly robe tops/bottoms.
  2. Just refer to jamz his comment. gl!
  3. Salvo


    @pastel Returns: You're missing the wildy tabs. I don't see f2p returns. get 50+ of all tps Get 50+ of all untradables P2P wildy: Wear zammy/ancient book (just anglerfire all the time). Minimum of 3 pnecks. P2P Clanwars: Refer to nawe's comment.
  4. You already know I replied to everything before this one.
  5. Did u really barrage that kid to death LOOOOL.
  6. Ill reupload with diff music 😕
  7. Despite being down opts we gave them the easy smoke.
  8. Ending the week off by smoking DC down opts at revs. Ty for action.

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